Why love isn't all about romance

Have you ever thought about what love is? Not the hallmark, romcom kind of love, love as an actual emotion.

We're taught to beleive that love is reserved for our romantic relationships or our close family and friends.... this simply isn't true. Human beings experience the emotion of love in many ways that we don't even recognise. We're here this week bringing you a different view of love that will help you invite more AND experience the benefits of it - regardless of your relationship status. 

Join Meg as she discusses:

  • The purpose of positive emotions and how they can help you become happier and achieve your goals
  • Love is actually a fleeting emotion, it's not here forever 
  • How this opens up an opportunity for it to be experienced by us all, regardless of our circumstances 
  • The three reasons why love is one of the most useful emotions for you to experience 
  • How to look for micro-moments of love 
  • 2 ways you can seek more opportunities for love 
  • A tip on how to increase our experience of self love
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