Am I too stressed to be happy?!

Ringing a bell?  You’ve got loads on in your life, spinning too many plates and it’s all starting to feel a little stressful. Let’s take back control to stop stress getting in the way of you being the happiest version of you!

Join Meg as she discusses:

  • The things going on in her life that feel pretty full on and how she’s taking back control
  • The different types of stress we experience and how some of them can be pretty useful
  • A really useful analogy to help you think about your stress management tools a little differently
  • How we all have different capacities for stress and ways we can change our perception of our reality
  • How we can learn from our experiences so far to teach us what strategies work best for us
  • 4 useful tools to help you start managing your stress better!

About Meg

After living life in the rat race consistently driving towards the next thing, Meg changed her life by asking whether she was happy. The answer, ‘I’m not ‘unhappy’ – but there has to be more than this’ made her live life differently. Now a Positive Psychologist, she supports people to take ownership of their happiness and step into the happiest version of them using a blend of evidence based coaching and training solutions.

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