Could becoming sober make you happier?

Janey is a number one Amazon best-selling author, TED X speaker and advocate of living a happier, healthier life by ditching putting harmful chemicals into our bodies. Our conversation sheds a light on how we’ve been thinking about our relationship with alcohol backwards, and how asking yourself one simple question may be the key to your happier life.

Janey brings her first-hand experience of questioning whether her alcohol consumption was making her life any better and how she now supports others through their sobriety journey, too!

Janey covers:

  • How she was the queen of holistic living, but avoided the elephant in the room of how much she was drinking
  • How our Society has conditioned us to believe that there are only two types of drinkers; those who have a problem, and those who don’t
  • How she had a voice in her head that was telling her drinking was not supporting her wellbeing
  • How her life has become happier and healthier since she ditched the booze
  • How not to focus on alcohol as a loss, but to focus on the things that you’ll gain from removing a toxic liquid from the equation
  • Why we crave the things that come with the alcohol, not necessarily the alcohol itself
  • How no-one else should care about what is in your glass, suggesting keeping the ritual, but changing the ingredients
  • How she supports her clients going through ‘sober shaming’ – and what you can do if you’re supporting someone ditching alcohol  
  • How focussing on what you’re gaining is a much stronger way to help you than ‘giving up’

About Janey

Janey has written five books on Holistic living including the number One Amazon best seller Imperfectly Natural Woman and her latest book is Happy Healthy Sober – Ditch the booze and take control of your life which encourages everyone to look again at their relationship with alcohol. After ditching the booze Janey launched a podcast ‘Alcohol Free Life’ focusing on sober self-care, she gave a TEDx talk Sobriety Rocks- Who Knew! and runs The Sober Club, a platform offering a non-judgemental community for people who are committed to sobriety and want to ‘upscale’ their life without the booze and focus on health and wellbeing.

Janey is passionate about encouraging people to ditch the chemicals, focus on great nutrition, selfcare, and finding their purpose as she found for herself that quitting the booze was the missing link in the ‘holistic living’ picture.

She also offers coaching and is trained in EFT, Matrix Re-imprinting. and NLP.

Janey is married with 4 children and lives in Hertfordshire but longs to be by the sea

You can find Janey on Instagram at @janeyleegrace or

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