Does money bring you happiness? With Emma Hine

Would you be happy owning a million-pound business? Villa in Spain? Driving the fancy cars and knowing you’d made a success out of your life?

After building her million-pound business from scratch, our guest this week shares her story of how the material things she worked hard for didn’t bring her the happiness she was looking for. Driven by a determination to prove people she could be successful, she shares her story of how she ignored the niggle she had that her business was starting to take over her life.

Our conversation shines a light on why it is so important to avoid the comparison trap. We can so easily compare our lives on how they look, but how they feel is the only indicator of how our lives are. Emma’s story is an incredible lesson in how prioritising your happiness can literally change your life.

Please note that themes of suicide are discussed within this conversation.

Emma discusses:
• That her teacher told her that she’d never make something of her life and how that drove her to build her business and prove them wrong
• She knew that if she wanted to be successful, she must work really hard, but this came at a sacrifice
• How easy it is to get into a situation where you’re chasing milestone after milestone, but you’re always thinking about ‘what’s next’
• Her deep-rooted belief that slowing down the growth of her business would be a failure
• Completely losing herself in her business, having no idea who she was or what made her happy
• The niggle that something wasn’t right when she was forced to slow down to be with her little girl in hospital and how she continued to ignore this niggle for another ten years  
• The impact ignoring this niggle had on her mental health, which led her to the darkest depression
• How she went back to work the day after her darkest day where she had planned to take her own life, lipstick on, the outside world none the wiser
• How she flipped her lifestyle from it only being around the end destination, but enjoying the journey too
• How she supports female entrepreneurs to start and scale their business for the right reasons

About Emma

Emma Hine, is a business strategist known as the Calibration Coach helping female business owners to find balance in their lives with happiness at the core. She ran a successful million pound e-commerce business, which ended up taking over her life which is why she is so passionate about helping others grow their business on their terms. Now a celebrated Amazon bestselling author, she is helping others see that success comes from doing things your own way with passion at the heart of what you do. And the biggest lesson of all is you don’t need to sacrifice yourself to find what works best…

You can find out more about Emma at her website: or by joining her facebook group:

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