Can I create a happier mindset?

Have you ever found yourself wanting to have more positive thoughts? Perhaps there's a little voice in your head that is overly negative, and you're ready to turn it down a little.

Join Meg this week as she explores what is meant by 'mindset' and how trying to understand your thoughts can help you create a happier life.

This week she covers:

  • What does mindset even mean?
  • Thinking of your brain as a muscle to practice the ways you’re thinking
  • How thinking positively is a skill, but it’s very close to toxic positivity – we’re talking about choosing helpful thoughts, not ignoring how you’re feeling
  • How your brain is designed to keep us safe – not to make you happy, so your thinking may not be working in your favour
  • The first step is building awareness of the kind of ways your brain may be hindering you
  • How your reality is never your reality, it’s how you’ve chosen to interpret the situation
  • The 11 most common ways our brians to trick us
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