Finding the activities that make you happy

Let's say you're given a whole day to do whatever you want, do you know how you'd spend it and whether those activies could give you the boost you're looking for? 

Truth is, because we all tick differently, what makes us tick will also be different. We're dedicating a whole episode on how to find the activities that fill up your wellbeing buckets and boost your wellbeing in times of rest! 

Join Meg as she discusses:

  • Why she feels her rest period did her more harm than good
  • Why intentional activity is key to your happiness
  • How doing something may be more restful than doing nothing 
  • How not everyone will get the same boost from the same activities 
  • The different tools to use to find out which positive psychology interventions are most suited to you 
  • A really useful tool to help you work out what activities are going to make you tick! 

Link to the person activity fit diagnositc: 

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