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Using the latest research in behavioural science, we offer the most comprehensive range of employee wellbeing workshops and coaching solutions, designed to give your team transformational skills they need to craft their own happiness and improve their quality of life at work.

We all know it. Happier employees are more productive employees. But with 85% of employees reporting that they are dissatisfied with their working lives, how skilled are we at facilitating workplace happiness?

Happiness for you

Leadership coaching

Being a leader or business owner is challenging, complex and fast-moving. Spearheading teams or running your own business can involve long hours, large amounts of stress and an array of major responsibilities.

Our lives can look great on the outside, but we can fall into the trap of mistaking this success for happiness. Leaving us feeling lost, busy and finding it hard to find the time to connect with what actually matters in our lives.

Ensuring substantial professional achievement can sometimes mean less concentration on your wellbeing. Within our Leadership Coaching, we not only look at everything holistically so that all aspects of your life flourish, but we understand that focusing on your happiness is the key to your professional achievement.

Each one-to-one session is tailored to your needs so you can rebalance work within your life and establish space to plan your moves with clarity and calm.

How Does Leadership Coaching Support You?

You’re noticing the work-life balance is not happily harmonised. There may be time pressures as work takes up more space while you deal with daily complexities.

There’s no doubt that if work doesn’t match your goals and ideal lifestyle, it can be incredibly frustrating. Some leaders and business owners feel they aren’t in control of their time or priorities.

One to one Leadership coaching is specifically designed in line with your personal development to support smarter decision-making while empowering you to take control and fulfil your potential.

The coaching process is entirely driven by your bespoke requirements: what you need to focus on to deliver significant personal growth – both at home and at work.


Jeremy Wood – CEO

Meg segues her people focus with her strategic capability expertly. Once the art of what’s possible has been established she makes all of the connections come to life, and does so in a way which all stakeholders can understand. By working her way through purpose, ambition, constraints and then examining vision and values she is able to articulate strategies that fit within organisational capability.

I’ve no doubt I benefitted from seeing her in action. Her challenges, her drive and the infectious passion are just a few of the qualities I observed. She is a quite brilliant individual to work alongside.


Sarah Potter – Managing Director

I had been an independent consultant for two years so my aim was for the business to become scalable and redefine my service offering. I was instantly impressed by Megs warmth as a person and professionalism as an executive coach. Being able to trust my coach and for them to fully understand my business needs was really important to me and I felt that Meg put me at ease and structured the coaching program effectively. She instantly put my mind at ease and I knew she was the coach for me. Over the six sessions, Meg directed me to challenge my thinking, own who I am as a person and put me on a solid track to achieve my business goals.


Amo – Manager of one to one Client 

Since he has taken on the coaching sessions, there has been a complete 180 change in his self-confidence. The main changes have been to his demeanour, mentality and focus.

Originally his mentality was very negative, when given a task he would straight away think the worst was going to happen and would doubt himself. He lacked vision, self-worth and focus.

Now James is a vital member of the team, he heads up projects and has become fearless in his role. To say its remarkable is an understatement.


Mitesh - Managing Director

I had the pleasure of working with happybyme who truly helped me stop spinning so many plates and helped me get clarity on my vision, and focus my energy on the correct places.

My coach was easy to talk to, understood me and provided a very professional service. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is seeking coaching services


Karen Fielder - CEO 

The session went brilliantly and certainly stimulated some great conversation and positive feedback from the group. The staff were buzzing all afternoon.


Adobe - Wellbeing Masterclass Participant 

I just wanted to say how much I loved that session! As Meg said alot of the time we are in a rat race and I barely take the time to reflect on what I'm grateful for. Having that moment to step back made me really appreciate what a wonderful life I have and it has really given me a spring in my step! Thank you so much for organising and something that I am really going to do more often now! 

Happiness for your team

Tailored wellbeing masterclasses to support you and your team

Creating happy and healthy workforces is no longer a nice to have. It is essential to attracting and retaining your people. Show your people you care by giving them the tools to apply the science of wellbeing to their lives and boost their performance at work – double whammy!

Highly engaging and fun (no death by powerpoint here!)

Perfect for one off lunch and learn sessions or part of an ongoing programme

Support your team by instantly applying the science to their lives through a series of take-home workbooks

Many available in one hour to one day sessions suited to your needs

Delivered online or face to face to suit your needs

Resources to invite and engage your team prior to the sessions included

All material grounded in the latest research in Positive Psychology, Neuroscience and wider behavioural research

Optional add on pre-recorded version of training to add to your e-learning system

Our workshops

From inner critic to inner coach

As human beings, we all have a voice inside our head that can be a bit of a bully.

This workshop is designed for individuals to understand where their inner critic comes from and turn it into a motivational coach to boost wellbeing and performance.

Delegates will learn:

  • Who is your inner critic? How your belief system works 
  • The most common ways our inner critic shows up 
  • How to be more compassionate towards the critic 
  • How to overcome the limiting beliefs our critics offer us

Creating more time

Wish there was more time in the day? Ever wondered how some people seem to get everything done?

This workshop aims to support delegates to lean into their natural preferences to generate more energy in their day. They will learn:

  • Practical tools to support them to use their time more effectively 
  • The four different sources of energy
  • A way of auditing our energy and topping up our cup 
  • How to create an actionable plan to reduce the number of plates spinning and feel as though there is more time in the day

Creating Happy Habits

40% of our happiness comes from the intentional activities that we choose every single day. 

This workshop is designed to support delegates to work with the autopilot in their brain. They will learn:

  • The important of self-identity 
  • Understanding the systems in our brain the form our auto-pilot habits 
  • Which habits they need to be able to form their goals 
  • Practical tools to get their habits up and running

Finding your zone of power

Positive Psychology runs on a simple fact: we are more effective when we are working with our strengths. 

To use them, we must find them. This workshop supports delegates to lean into the incredible things that are already within them. They will learn:

  • How to spot their strengths in their story 
  • The difference between strengths and talents 
  • Other things to think about in your zone of power
  • How to approach their performance from a position of strength

The art of bouncing back

As much as we wish it was, life isn’t sunshine and rainbows. Learning tools to help us build resilience and bounce back in times of adversity is paramount to living a healthy, happy life. 

This workshop is designed to support delegates to build their own personal resilience plan. They will learn:

  • How our brains react in times of adversity 
  • Why our emotions show up as they do in these times 
  • How to create space between the adversity and choose their response 
  • Lessons from previous times of adversity to build into their own plan of resilience

Cultivating a growth mindset

Do you want your team to believe they can tackle any challenge, that they can control the outcome and ready to take on new challenges with energy? Some call this a growth mindset, we like to call it optimism… and there’s a whole load of research telling us what it is and how to get more of it. 

This workshop is designed to bring this science to your delegates. They will learn:

  • The difference between learned helplessness and learned optimism 
  • What their explanatory style is 
  • How this explanatory style impacts their wellbeing and performance and how this is totally in their control 
  • How to believe they can tackle anything by changing their mindset

Becoming a confident you

‘I wish I had more confidence’ is one of the things we hear most from our delegates.

This workshop aims to dispel the myths surrounding confidence and give delegates practical tools in overcoming their fear. They will learn:

  • Why they’re probably thinking about confidence in the wrong way 
  • How to act from a position of strength 
  • Understanding the emotional steps of coming out of your comfort zone
  • How to build self-efficacy to go towards their dream

Learning your core values

Your core values are the most important thing to you. They are your guiding principles in life and often the thing that drives your behaviour the most. Learning your core values can be the most transformational piece of self-awareness both an individual and team can do. 

This workshop is highly engaging and hands on. Delegates will learn:

  • What core values are and why they’re important 
  • Ways core values may be showing up in their life and team 
  • What their core values are
  • How to start shaping their life around their core values 

Wellbeing whilst working from home

Some of us love it, some of us hate it. Working from home has certainly changed the way in which we live our lives.

This workshop aims to support delegates in getting more from their life whilst working from home. They will learn:

  • The importance of environment and how to set our space
  • Establishing our happiest routine and habits 
  • Communicating effectively in a remote team 
  • How to get more out of working from home 

Reducing overwhelm and avoiding burnout – creating balance.

So many of our teams are spinning plates with endless to do lists with both home and work life. Sometimes it can feel as though the lists are only ever getting longer … leading to overwhelm and burnout 

This preventative workshop is designed to give delegates to tools to build balance in their life. They will learn:

  • A reflective tool to consider balance in their life 
  • How to build in reflective practice to reduce overwhelm and craft stronger plans 
  • The role of positive emotions in creating balance 
  • Actionable plans to reduce overwhelm and get back in control

Emotional Intelligence

Being fluent in the language of emotions can support our wellbeing, productivity and overarching health. So many of us know little about the role of emotions in our lives, understanding how they impact us can be truly life changing.  

This workshop aims to support delegates to:

  • Understand the role of emotions and how the impact your actions and body 
  • Raise self-awareness to both positive and negative emotions 
  • Create space between a trigger and a response  
  • Practical ways to express and regulate emotions 

Setting better goals

Truth bomb: there is such thing as a rubbish goal. AND setting a rubbish goal is one of the main reasons we don’t achieve them. 

This workshop is designed to support delegates to not only set stronger goals, but to consider their wellbeing alongside them. They will learn:

  • How they’re probably thinking about the goal they’re setting back to front 
  • The impact wellbeing has on goal attainment 
  • Different types of goals 
  • Gaining momentum

Deconstructing Happiness – wellbeing 101

Have you ever thought about what the word ‘happiness’ means to you? Often we find it’s something we all crave… but do we understand what it means to us and our lives?

This workshop is designed to give delegates an introduction to the science of happiness. Delegates will learn:

  • What Positive Psychology aims to do
  • 3 of the biggest myths about happiness
  • The 5 pillars of happiness and the impact to their life 
  • The important of having their own definition of happiness 
  • How to craft their own definition of happiness

Employee wellbeing for HR Professionals

Employee wellbeing is more important than ever and needs to be thread through the entirety of the employee experience. 

This highly interactive workshop is facilitated around the needs of the organisation for HR Professionals to consider how they currently look at employee wellbeing and to create an action plan for improvements. 

It supports HR Teams to:

  • Set their intention for employee wellbeing 
  • Consider ways in which they measure progress 
  • Understand current challenges and how to overcome this 
  • Create an action plan to demonstrate improvements in wellbeing throughout their employee experience 

Coming out of your comfort zone

Our brains primary job is to keep up safe. This makes it a little tricky to do things that it perceives as danger. 

This workshop is designed to support delegates to understand how to overcome our natural threat mechanism to achieve their goals. They will learn:

  • Where their comfort zone is
  • The natural steps to take to come into their growth zone 
  • How this process isn’t linier 
  • Managing the fear and procrastination that comes with learning and growth 
  • Their first uncomfortable step to their goal

Employee wellbeing for Leaders

Whose role is looking after the wellbeing of employees? The individual? The manager? HR?

Truth be told, everyone has a role in this. But not only is the Leadership role changing, it can offer the foundation to creating high performing teams. 

This reflective workshop covers:

  • The role of a Leader in employee wellbeing 
  • The link between wellbeing and performance 
  • Handling difficult personal conversations with employees  
  • Understand what effective actions can be taken to support employees

Road to There

Often, we have a goal in mind but can’t see the path to help us get there. 

This highly interactive workshop has been designed to support individuals to craft great goals and actionable plans. 

Delegates will learn:

  • How to frame the best kind of goals 
  • Different pathways to their goal 
  • Which obstacles may get in their way 
  • A simple, actionable, repeatable process to craft the journey to their goal 

Making stress useful

Fun fact: some stress can be really useful for our performance. It goes without saying that too much stress has a negative impact. 

This workshop is designed to give delegates the tools they need to understand their stress and reduce the impact it has on their lives. They will:

  • Learn their early signs of emotional stress
  • Learn how to positively handle stress 
  • Practical useful tools to manage stress
  • Create their personal stress less action plan for their wellbeing

Building Motivation 

Ever feel like you’re going round in circles with what you’d like to achieve? Wish you had the motivation to get going on something new or different?

This workshop is designed to support delegates to understand how to work with how human beings are motivated, rather than against it. They will learn:

  • The difference in intrinsic and extrinsic motivation
  • Up to date psychological theories to help understand what human beings actually need to be motivated
  • Why we believe in momentum, not motivation
  • How to get up and go on the thing they’re wanting to change

Happiness Reset / Check in

Do your office conversations go a bit like this… “Hi, how are you”, “Yeah, I’m fine, you?” “Yeah, all good”.

“I’m fine” becomes a stock answer in our culture. This reflective workshop acts as a reset for participants to stop, take stock and build upon where they are for their wellbeing and performance.

Delegates will:

  • Have chance for pause and reflection
  • Be challenged to think about their wellbeing in a whole new way
  • Be introduced to positive psychology 
  • Create a personal plan to boost their happiness, wellbeing and performance 

None you fancy? Get in touch for a bespoke solution for you and your team!

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Meg is a strategic people focussed Leader, Positive Psychology Coach, HR Professional and Founder of happybyme. Her breadth of experience spans across multi-disciplines, having held senior roles leading People, Risk, Governance (including holding company secretary position), Compliance and IT teams.

She holds an MA in Human Resource Management and an MSc in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology. She is an NLP Practitioner and is accredited by Lumina Spark Psychometics. She is a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD and sits on two Boards as a Non-Executive Director.

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