Prioritising you happiness as a Parent

This week we are joined by Chloe Lowe, mum of two, wife, strategy and digital consultant, entrepreneur and founder of the Parent List App.

After being diagnosed with anxiety and depression at 17, Chloe shares her story of how understanding what happiness means to her not only helps her thrive in all of her roles in life, but helps her be more present with her children.

Our conversation with Chloe is a gorgeous reminder that your happiness doesn’t have to take a back seat when you become a parent, and by prioritising it, your kids learn to do this too.

Join Chloe as she discusses:

  • Her diagnosis with anxiety and depression at 17 and how she navigates the ups and the downs of this as a parent
  • The moments in her life that helped her realise that her happiness is important
  • How working with a life coach changed her life and helped her understand what happiness means to her
  • The ease of slipping into comparison on social media, and tips to avoid parent bashing
  • The practical steps she takes to come back to her own joy, happiness and wellbeing
  • How she took the steps to leave her leadership role and choose to build something incredible to help other parents experiencing overwhelm
  • How she’s curated 100s of checklists with experts to help busy parents with everything from packing the swimming bag to choosing a childcare provision 

About Chloe 

Chloe Lowe is Founder of Parent List App. She is a mum of two, wife, strategy and digital consultant and entrepreneur.

If you’re looking to reduce stress and find more time by using 100s of checklists and videos on a range of parenting topics, you can register for the parent list app here:

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