Embracing your weirdness at work with Mike Cole

This week we are joined with the incredible Mike Cole, chartered accountant and accredited coach. After realising that his ‘quirks’ at work were the things propelling his successful finance career, Mike stepped off his traditional career ladder to share his gifts with the world in a different way.

This conversation is a stark reminder of the role that work plays in our lives and how important it is to love what we do. Mike encourages you to really understand the things that make you special and show you that, with growth and development of these things, magic really can happen.

Mike covers:

  • How he accepted that his dyslexia was a power that helped him develop his career
  • How being in your strength zone leads to greater happiness in your life, AND this happiness leads to more productivity
  • How the things that make us special can often come with a flip side that doesn’t serve us, and that’s okay too!
  • The feeling he had been given a gift and was asked to do something with it when finding the courage to step off a traditional career ladder
  • The three categories of weakness, and what to do about each of them
  • The number one thing that stops us from leaning into the things we’re special at
  • How he accepted that the next logical move in his career didn’t play to his strengths, so made the decision to choose a new career path based on the impact that he could make in the world.
  • How finding work that you love is available to everyone, and there will always be a way to work out how it can pay you enough money
  • His two top tips on how to find your strengths and weirdness
  • His own definition of happiness

About Mike

I'm Mike Cole, a better-working-life coach. I can help you evolve a working-life that works for you, that fits your unique personality, and delivers the rewards you seek. I'm ICF-accredited coach and a chartered accountant too.

Don't just follow someone else's dream, or squeeze yourself into their idea of what business 'should' look like. The world needs you in your uniqueness - so let's unlock it together.

If you’re inspired by this conversation, you can take Mike’s quiz to see how much you’re embracing you inner weirdness here:https://thisMikeCole.com/HappyTalk

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