Creating your own Happiness Manifesto with Jo Santoshi

Jo Santoshi is a Solicitor and mindful Coach. After being a Lawyer for nearly 20 years and experiencing the high pressure, stressful nature of the rat race, she chose to choose her own version of happiness, retrain as a coach and move to the Italian Countryside with her husband and four dogs.

Jo’s story brings to live everything that is possible when we choose happiness in the most radical form, from the moment she rebelled against the grain of her corporate career by being herself to learning to talk herself into the things that bring her joy. With the wisdom that she brings to our conversation, she tells us how radical self-care itself is an act of rebellion. In this episode, she invites you to rebel too.

Jo’s story will no doubt inspire you to stop what you are doing and thing about how you can invite more happiness into your life by writing your very own manifesto, and we are thrilled to be able to share it with you.

Jo covers:

  • How she climbed the corporate ladder she thought she had to, but everything felt just ‘fine’
  • The moment she realised that time was more important to her than money, and left her life behind in the UK to live her dream in the Italian countryside
  • How we’re conditioned to think of things that we ‘should’ be doing and how to rebel and do the things that light you up
  • Why designing your life around the things you love can create huge shifts in your happiness
  • How she was motivated by thinking of the things that she loved doing and never wanted to be someone who said ‘I was going to do that’
  • How her peers called her the ‘anti-lawyer’ because she didn’t fit the mould of how she was expected to look or act… and how that made her even better at what she does
  • Why it’s none of your business what other people think of you
  • How to give yourself permission about the things that radically light you up

About Jo

My name is Jo, also known as Santoshi and I am a solicitor and a mindful coach. I have been a lawyer for nearly 20 years and experienced the high pressure, stressful nature of the rat race. I now work part time as both a solicitor in the charity sector and coach from my home in the Italian countryside, and work with people as a meditation facilitator and mindful coach, to help people find balance in their busy lives. I believe that we can all live the life we want, with freedom and flexibility. We can do things differently from the way they have always been done and finding happiness and balance in life is the why I founded Find Your Life's Balance, so I can help people do just that.

 You can find her here:

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