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Choose Happiness Planner | Blue

Choose Happiness Planner | Blue

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We plan our lives around the things we need to get done. We become so busy that we forget the things that actually make us happy. 

Imagine your life in 12 weeks time if you chose to re-write that story?

Be guided through interventions proven to boost your wellbeing, discover who you are and plan your life around what is important to YOU with our 12 week daily planner. 

After understanding your goals, values and strengths, our planner supports you to take ownership of your happiness every single day. 

Sections & Support

  • My best possible self - Positive Psychology Intervention 
  • Life Wheel 
  • Learn your core values 
  • Weekly view to map your week in line with your values 
  • Weekly promise to take time just for you 
  • Daily prompt to choose happiness
  • Daily gratitude 
  • Daily intention setting 
  • Daily plan of action 
  • Daily check in and action taking 
  • Three good things – Positive Psychology Intervention 
  • Daily savouring activity 
  • Roll forward activity for tomorrows happiness
  • Weekly savouring prompts 
  • Reflective core value check ins 
  • Weekly wellbeing check in based on the 5 pillars of happiness 
  • Happy thoughts notes section 
  • Weekly motivational quotes 


  • A5
  • Undated 
  • Inner pocket  
  • Coated weekly
  • Pen holder


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Happiness comes first

Did you know that prioritising positive emotion in your day can increase your energy levels, creativity, resilience, physical health, and all-round wellbeing?

Hands up if you’re guilty of planning your day around the things you HAVE to get done, and forget to prioritise you?

Our planner invites you to flip this on it’s head by choosing happiness first.

We promise, once you feel the benefits of living like this…. You won’t go back to boring to-do lists!

Discover who you are

How many planners have you brought promising change that are now sat on a shelf gathering dust? That’s because they’re not designed around YOU.

Grab a cuppa, get comfy and allow our planner you guide you through exercises to discover more about you. Your values, your best possible self and your goals for the 12 weeks you’ll work together.

With the power of self-discovery, you can then plan your life safe in the knowledge that the things that are important to you are being taken care of.

“Knowing who I am makes me feel powerful and in control"

Build your life around what is important

Quick question for you. Think of 3 things that are important to you. How much time did you spend in the last week dedicated to those 3 things?

You’re not alone. We live such busy lives that it’s easy to lose sight of these important things.

It’s more difficult when you’re asked every day.

Grounded in science

Our planner has been carefully designed by Positive Psychologists to bring decades of research into the science of wellbeing to you, in fun, easy ways. All you need to do is grab a pen and get going!